Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a critical tool for understanding why a particular location is the best fit for you. Our team combines demographics and state-of-the art GIS mapping technology to develop maps that enhance property marketing and provide clients with the information they need to make educated real estate decisions.



Site Analysis & Comparison


Employee Location Analysis


Customer Location Analysis


Competition Analysis


Demographic & Lifestyle Analysis


Drive-Time & Radius Maps


ESRI Lifestyle Groups


ESRI Demographics


High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Location Intelligence

The product of transforming location data into actionable information is known as Location Intelligence. At ROCK, we provide your established or emerging business with knowledge essential to planning your next move, whether that be a relocation to a new market or establishing your first location. See your information displayed on a map for easy analysis and planning.

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Consumer Behaviors

Do you know buying trends for specific products and services in your area of interest? The advent of Big Data has given rise to hyper-specific consumer behaviors such as how many people visited a chiropractor in the past six months or how many households spent more than $5,000 on a kitchen remodel in the past year. No matter your industry, there are demographics available to aid your decision making for an optimal site location and commercial real estate planning.

ESRI Lifestyle Groups

Who lives in your neighborhood? Would you describe them as Enterprising Professionals or Comfortable Empty Nesters?

ESRI, the “Global Market Leader in GIS”, divides the U.S. population into 67 segments based on similar demographics and socioeconomic status. At ROCK, we can display concentrations of these groups on a map to draw additional insights that traditional demographics could miss. Our team analyzes these insights to provide conclusions that help you make the best commercial real estate decisions.

Customer Location Analysis

Your business has invested time and resources compiling a customer list, and growing that list is integral to your future growth. However, just having that list is one piece of the puzzle. Using it is critical to understanding where your existing customers are located and essential when considering your next move.

Perhaps you want to break into a new market, open a new location across town, or consolidate existing locations. ROCK’s GIS mapping technologies can help close the gap when locating your next opportunity.


rock testimonials

As a client I greatly appreciate the professionalism and service that ROCK’s accounting team provides. Their standards and practices provide accurate data and timely information required for effective management and financial controls. They keep their eye on the numbers but also provide a big picture perspective.

Jack Kay, President & CEO
Susquehanna Real Estate

ROCK is always professional and goes the extra mile to get a deal done. It is always a pleasure working with them as a landlord/owner. We have thoroughly enjoyed our long-lasting relationship.

Dan Hawks, Director of Leasing
Kinsley Properties

I am extremely satisfied. They are experts in their field of commercial real estate.

James Alexander, Director, Property Management
Lancaster General Hospital

For the past several years ROCK Commercial had been managing one property for us in Pennsylvania and doing a wonderful job in all areas. We were so pleased that we added another three properties (1 in Pennsylvania and 2 in Maryland) earlier this year. We are very pleased with their attentiveness and timely replies in all matters. We would highly recommend ROCK Commercial Real Estate to others.

Lori Burton
Clearwing Partners Management, LLC

Working with Nate was very smooth, professional, and transparent.

Anthony Billet, President

We consider Kevin a key member of our real estate team. Kevin knows where we are going, our palate for viable transactions and plays a vital role in making sure that we see all potential opportunities that can help our business grow. Kevin has been a part of our real estate team in the land acquisition, due diligence, entitlement and eventual sale of every significant transaction we have done in York County for years. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Gary Stewart
The Stewart Companies

Very professional and knowledgeable. Good communication and advice when decisions needed to be made. Very prompt response to my phone calls, even late in the day into the evening.

David E. Fuchs

Completely satisfied with the professionalism of ROCK Commercial Real Estate. Nate and Ben filled our office space in short order and provided us with great communication along the way. Will work with them again.

Dylan Bauer, President of Development
Royal Square Development & Construction (RSDC)

Dave Bode and his team at ROCK are what I consider the "go to" for commercial real estate business in York. They know this community and have contacts who can make things happen. They are personally and professionally committed to the York community and I appreciate their support of many nonprofits in York. Customer service is always first rate.

Michael Hady, President/CEO
Powder Mill Foundation

ROCK has a stellar reputation in our community as professional advisors and they deliver on that.

Anne Druck, President
United Way of York County

The ROCK team was diligent and responsive, and always available to assist when needed.

Amy McShane, Assistant Vice President
M&T Bank

Outstanding organizational depth providing a results-oriented focus. Very refreshing to be armed with information, knowledge and resources to accomplish our goals.

Gregory Holsinger, President & CEO
U-GRO Learning Centres

Greg, as always, looked out for the best interest of my investments and provided guidance and insight that allowed me to make the best possible decision for my portfolio. I can’t imagine doing a commercial real estate transaction with anyone else!

JaNeene Powell, Owner
Harwell Properties, LLC

ROCK has a special way of looking at the market. They are creative and intuitive. They made sure that all of their contacts were aware of the space we had available and how being in our location could help their business grow. They met with current tenants to see if their ideas could be used in leasing our spaces. ROCK had reports and maps and demographics outlined in such a way that far exceeded our expectations. Kevin Hodge kept us up to date on their efforts and gave feedback along the way.

Patricia LaStella, Property Management & Development
Willow Valley Associates, Inc.

Damian Reed helped me find and purchase exactly what I was looking for and stayed on top of all my needs from start to finish. This will be the first of many for Damian and me.

Travis Martin, Investor
TSM Developments LLC

The great thing with ROCK and dealing with Jason is that I know I am dealing with somebody who knows the market, and operates with pure professionalism and integrity. Also, Jason and the staff at ROCK are long tenured associates with many years of experience. For me there is no question Jason and ROCK are the only people I would trust and deal with my real estate transactions. Highly recommend.

Eric Salzano, Investor