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The energy and innovation of the ROCK way of doing business is evident in how each client is served by a multi-faceted team that combines market knowledge and a wealth of experience.  

To meet our Brokerage Advisors, Support, and Property Management members, simply click to view. 

  • Brokerage TeamDave Keech, Dave Bode, Blaze Cambruzzi, Ted Turnbull, Kevin Hodge, Eric Stankiewicz, Ben Chiaro, John Birkeland, Greg Finkelstein, Ben Bode, Steve Clipman, Gordon Kauffman, Jason Turnbull
  • Executive TeamDave Keech, Blaze Cambruzzi, Barry Wildasin, Sandy Rotz, Dave Bode, Dave Cross, Ted Turnbull
  • Accounting TeamScott, Stare, Lori Landis, Barry Wildasin, Jodi Diaz, Not Pictured: Scott Stare
  • Industrial TeamDave Keech, Kevin Hodge, Lonna Miller, Jason Turnbull, Dave Bode, Ted Turnbull
  • Office TeamBen Bode, Dave Bode, Gordon Kauffman, Cheryl Keener
  • Property ManagementDave Cross, Barry Wildasin, Eric Stankiewicz, Blaze Cambruzzi, Jodi Diaz, Lori Landis, Carolyn Wagner, Scott Stare
  • ROCK Team
  • Retail TeamGordon Kauffman, Michael Katz, John Birkeland, Greg Finkelstein, Steve Clipman, Ben Chiaro
  • Support TeamCheryl Keener, Cathy Wildasin, Heather Kreiger, Drew Steffens, Josh Beamesderfer, Jodi Diaz, Lonna Miller, Michael Katz, Sandy Rotz, Barry Wildasin, Brenda Billet, Gina Yost, Lori Landis, Carolyn Wagner, Scott Stare
  • Marketing & Research TeamGina Yost and Heather Kreiger
Brokerage Team1 Executive Team2 Accounting Team3 Industrial Team4 Office Team5 Property Management6 ROCK Team7 Retail Team8 Support Team9 Marketing & Research Team10
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Photos by: Susquehanna Photographic