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Downtown Inc York PA Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania
2011 Downtown First Award for
Outstanding Business with Under 30 Employees
2011 Best Places to Work in PA Winner

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It is our duty as realtors to find buyers and tenants to fill buildings and spaces offered by owners and landlords.  In these economic times the duty becomes a challenge. 




Commercial real estate tends to follow the businesses that use it. As companies look to cut costs, reduce overhead, work forces and expenses, they place excess real estate on the market for sale or lease.  Read more



As globalization becomes more and more of a reality in modern life, the ramifications reach far and wide.  One such march toward global unity through adopting International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) practices may have dire implications on retail real estate.  Read more



As a business owner, property management is another "to-do" item that needs to be checked off the list. However, if handled incorrectly, it can quickly become a costly headache that gets in the way of other activities that generate real bottom-line revenue and organizational value.  Read more