Central PA Lawn & Garden Statistics

Central PA Lawn & Garden Statistics
April 2016
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The month of April means that Spring has sprung! This is a time of year that many people enjoy because the warmer temperatures mean the end of snow (hopefully) and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. It is the time when people are beginning to get back outdoors. It is also the time of year when lawn and garden projects begin. Some may be very excited to get started, while others may not be as enthusiastic to add more chores to the list. It is estimated that approximately three quarters of U.S. households will participate in outdoor gardening. Let's see what this landscape (no pun intended) looks like for Central Pennsylvania.
central pennsylvania households participating in gardening
In 2015, there were 640,000 households in the nine Central Pennsylvania counties (Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York) who had a garden (about 70.9% of households in the region). Additionally, about 680,000 households (75.7%) participated in outdoor gardening. Lancaster County and York County had the highest numbers of households who have gardens and participated in outdoor gardening over the past 12 months. There were 143,000 (72.1%) households in Lancaster County who had a garden in 2015 and 152,000 (76.7%) that participated in outdoor gardening during the last year. In York County, there were 122,000 households with gardens (71.6%) and 130,000 who participated in outdoor gardening (76.1%).
Households with gardens and participating in gardening by central pa counties The chart above displays the number of households in each of the nine Central PA counties that had gardens versus those who had participated in outdoor gardening over the past 12 months. Lancaster and York County have the highest number of households in both of these categories, followed by Berks County.

lawn and garden maintenance services
In the Central Pennsylvania region, about 60,000 households (6.6%) purchased lawn maintenance services in 2015, while approximately 94,000 households used a service for property/garden maintenance during the same time period (about 10.4% of households). According to the data, about 28.7% of households spent up to $300 on property/garden maintenance services, while 12.6% spent over $300 over the last year.
Map of Lawn and Garden services spending by Central PA Zip Code The map above displays the total spending in 2015 on Lawn and Garden Care Services by Central Pennsylvania zip codes. The darker colors represent zip codes with higher amounts of spending on these services, while light colored areas represent zip codes with smaller amounts of spending.

additional central pa lawn & garden facts
  • 124,000 households purchased flower bulbs in the last 12 months versus 136,000 that purchased flower seeds
  • 21.5% of households purchased garden fertilizer in the past year
  • 13.6% (122,000) of households purchased lawn seed in the past 12 months
  • 246,000 households own a gas, walk-behind lawn mower, while 147,000 own a riding mower
  • About 3.7% of households in Central PA own a non-powered lawn mower