Thinking ahead & Getting Results in commercial real estate

If you want valuable information delivered in a manner that fits your business and investment needs and empowers you to make real STRATEGIC decisions, you need a commercial real estate company that will connect the dots and not just collect them. See how ROCK makes data INNOVATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE!

  • ROCK Team
  • Brokerage TeamDave Keech, Dave Bode, Blaze Cambruzzi, Ted Turnbull, Kevin Hodge, Eric Stankiewicz, Cami Miller, Ben Chiaro, John Birkeland, Dylan Bauer, Greg Finkelstein, Ben Bode, Gordon Kauffman, Jason Turnbull
  • Executive TeamDave Keech, Blaze Cambruzzi, Barry Wildasin, Sandy Rotz, Dave Bode, Dave Cross, Ted Turnbull
  • Accounting TeamLori Landis, Barry Wildasin, Jodi Diaz, Not Pictured: Scott Stare
  • Industrial TeamDave Keech, Kevin Hodge, Lonna Miller, Jason Turnbull, Dave Bode, Ted Turnbull
  • Marketing & ResearchBlaze Cambruzzi, Gina Yost, Heather Kreiger
  • Office TeamBen Bode, Dave Bode, Gordon Kauffman, Cheryl Keener
  • Property ManagementDave Cross, Barry Wildasin, Eric Stankiewicz, Blaze Cambruzzi, Jodi Diaz, Cami Miller, Lori Landis, Carolyn Wagner
  • Retail TeamDylan Bauer, Gordon Kauffman, Michael Katz, John Birkeland, Greg Finkelstein, Ben Chiaro
  • Support TeamCheryl Keener, Cathy Wildasin, Heather Kreiger, Jodi Diaz, Lonna Miller, Michael Katz, Sandy Rotz, Barry Wildasin, Brenda Billet, Gina Yost, Lori Landis, Carolyn Wagner, Not Pictured: Scott Stare
ROCK Team1 Brokerage Team2 Executive Team3 Accounting Team4 Industrial Team5 Marketing & Research6 Office Team7 Property Management8 Retail Team9 Support Team10
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