Coffee and Tea Spending in Central PA

Coffee and Tea Spending in Central PA
July 2016
Category: Retail

How much money do people spend each year on coffee and tea? Recent statistics show that the average person of the American workforce spends almost as much on coffee and tea every year as they do on necessities such as commuting to and from their job.

How much is spent on coffee?
According to the National Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association of America, specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year and account for nearly 8% of the 18 billion dollar coffee market in the United States. Statistics show that the average consumption in the United States is 3.2 cups of coffee per day.
50% of the U.S. population, equivalent to about 158 million people, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte or iced/cold coffees.

Over $100 million has been spent on coffee at home from Central PA households so far this year.

According to recent 2016 statistics, over 120,000 Central PA households own some type of coffee maker. The major driver of this trend is the rapid growth of the single-serve coffee category led by Keurig and its K-Cup coffee pods.
 The graph above shows the number of Central PA households in each county that have some type of coffee maker in their home as of this year.

How much is spent on tea?
According to the National Tea Association, over 158 million Americans consume over 3.6 billion gallons of iced or hot tea every year in the United States.
In looking at Central PA Counties, there has been a 29.4% increase in the spending of tea from 2011 to 2015. The industry expects to see a 20% projected increase in tea spending by Central PA households by 2020.
The average household in Central PA each has spent about $33.90 on tea in the past 5 years and is expected to spend over $45.00 by 2020. 
 The graph above shows the average dollar amount spent on tea by Central PA households from 2011 to 2015. It also shows the anticipated average that is expected to be spent in 2018 to 2020.

additional Coffee & Tea spending trends
  • 65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, 30% between meals, and the remaining 5% with other meals
  • The average price for an espresso based drink is $3.45. The average price for brewed coffee is $2.38
  • Approximately four in five consumers drink tea, with Millennials being the most likely (87% of Millennials drink tea)