Summer Cook-Out Statistics

Summer Cook-Out Statistics
July 2015
Category: Retail

Fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers, grills, family, friends - all terms you may be using over the next week as you make your way to a Fourth of July cookout. It is estimated that roughly 68% of the population in the United States will be in attendance at a barbecue over the holiday weekend. Next to Memorial Day, July 4th is one of the biggest cookout days in the United States. How much exactly are these fun summer parties worth to the economy as a whole? Approximately 3.42 BILLION DOLLARS! The U.S. population is expected to spend roughly $2.4 billion in grocery stores for food products, not to mention the almost $700 million spent by individuals for their own private firework displays and an additional $320 million spent by local cities and municipalities for professional firework displays.
There are likely to be about 307,000 cookouts across the Central Pennsylvania region during the holiday weekend. If we can assume that 68% of the population will be in attendance, that would mean that roughly 1.6 million Central Pennsylvanians will be eating hot dogs and hamburgers, playing yard games, and watching fireworks at barbecues. Since it has been stated that the average cost of a cookout (for food) is $5.90 per person, it is a reasonable expectation that Central Pennsylvanians are estimated to spend $9.5 million in grocery stores in preparation for their celebrations.
There are 59 million households across the United States who own either a gas or charcoal grill. The State of Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation for the total number of households owning some type of grill (2.49 million households). 
Currently, in Central Pennsylvania, there are 452,000 households that own either a gas or charcoal grill (just over half of the households in the region have some type of grill). Of Central PA's grilling population, 61.3% own a gas grill, while 38.7% own a charcoal grill. In translation, this weekend 118,000 Fourth of July cookouts will be using a charcoal grill while 188,000 will be using a gas grill.
In looking at Central Pennsylvania zip codes by the number of households owning some type of outdoor grill, we learn that the Hanover zip code, 17331 ranks number one in the region. There are 12,436 households in that zip code that own grills (approximately 61% of the total households). The Lancaster zip codes 17601 (12,155 households) and 17603 (11,689 households) rank second and third in the region. 
The chart above displays the top 15 Central Pennsylvania zip codes by the total number of households that own some type of outdoor grill (includes electric, gas, and charcoal). 
The map above displays the number of households by zip code in Central Pennsylvania that own some type of outdoor grill. Lighter shades represent a lower number of households, while darker colors represent a higher number of households. KEY- Tan: 0 to 1,072 | Yellow: 1,072 to 2,271 | Orange: 2,271 to 4,132 | Red: 4,132 to 6,308 | Blue: 6,308 to 15,019
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